Ghost Burgers


Our location is secret, but our ingredients are honest. We keep things simple with three signature classics: beef, chicken and veggie.

Based in UK

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Beef burger with cheese and salad served in a bun with a side of chips
Close up of a beef burger filled with melking cheese, sauce and salad
Beef burger with cheese and salad served in a bun
Ghost Burgers History


In the heart of the UK's capital, three passionate friends embarked on a journey with a mission: to craft top-quality burgers at accessible prices, enhanced by global culinary escapades. Their exhilarating journey led them to experiment and refine their menu, transforming their home kitchen into bustling hubs of burger innovation. Amid the COVID shadow, a silver lining emerged. Confined at home, their creativity soared as they meticulously crafted what became known as GHOST BURGER. The secret? Luscious Wagyu beef and locally sourced ingredients. News of this culinary masterpiece spread like wildfire, drawing burger aficionados to their modest Bethnal Green spot, forming serpentine queues and making the Ghost Burger a daily sellout. Sensing undeniable success, they moved to a larger space near Hoxton station, thriving while staying true to their core values of quality and community. Their story? It's just beginning


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